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Employment and Vocational Resouirces

PA CareerLink

PA CareerLink is can can assist you if you are seeking skill training or post high school education, or planning a job search and need help matching your skills and qualifications.

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) provides services to help persons with disabilities to help them prepare for, start, and maintain employment. OVR services can include: employment assessments; job training; job placement; on the job training, and help with maintaining employment.

For more information about OVR you can call 1-800-442-6351.

Job Corps
Job Corps is an education and vocational training program for individuals ages 16-24. At Job Corps, you can learn a trade and get your high school diploma or GED. Job Corps will also help you find a job after you complete the program.

For more information about Job Corps you can call 1-800-733-JOBS or go online http://www.jobcorps.gov/home.aspx.


2016 Final YAB DAF Recommendations
Teen Success Agreement
Juvenile Law Center Act 91 Discussion Guide
Best Practice Guide for Achieving NYTD Survey Success
December 2014 Youth Independent Living Services Guidelines Appendix
Affordable Care Act Information
Extended Foster Care Payments and FAFSA Input

Important Information/Documents

There are a few important identification documents you need to have as an adult. These documents are important for you for things like: getting a job and cashing your paycheck, signing leases, and getting health insurance. When you leave children and youth care at age 18 or older, the agency should provide you with any permanent documents, like your birth certificate and social security card, that are in your family case file. If you end up getting these documents on your own, here is how you do it.

Important Information Documents

Your Education

Education Training Grant

Eligible youth may receive up to $3,000 per year not to exceed the cost of tuition. Awards will be granted on a "first-come, first-served" basis.
Chafee FAQ, Chafee brochure

Find the Right School

This guide will help you navigate the many websites available in deciding which college or trade school is best for you as well as assisting in searches for financial aid.

Understanding Financial Aid

2016-2017 Financial Aid and Scholarships Guide (PDF)

This booklet will help you identify what kind of financial aid programs are available and give you instructions regarding applying for them. Please use the information in this booklet to locate information on financial aid.

PHEAA is state agency that administers many of the state and federal financial aid programs for students pursuing post-secondary education. You can get more information grants and scholarships through PHEAA by going online at www.pheaa.org or calling their toll-free State Grant number at 1-800-692-7435. You can also contact one of the Regional PHEAA offices in your area listed below.


Extended Foster Care Payments and FAFSA Input


Federal Student Aid is responsible for managing the student financial assistance programs authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965. These programs provide grants, loans, and work-study funds to students attending college or career school.

We ensure students and their families can benefit from these programs by

  • informing students and families about the availability of the federal student aid programs and the process for applying for and receiving aid from those programs;
  • developing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA┬«) and processing approximately 22 million FAFSA submissions each year;
  • offering free assistance to students, parents, and borrowers throughout the entire financial aid process


If you are interested in preparing for and taking the GED test, go to https://ged.com/ . On this website you can find GED preparation programs and GED testing sites in your area..


TRIO Programs

Although the name TRIO initially came into use after the first three programs were authorized under the Higher Education Act, there are currently eight distinct programs that comprise the federal TRIO programs, seven of which provide services to students and an eighth that provides training to the TRIO program staff who serve the students.

Each plays a unique role in providing educational opportunity for eligible students.


To find your local housing authority

Need legal help with housing?

Trying to find a place to rent?

Liheap energy assistance

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, also known as LIHEAP, helps low-income families pay their heating bills. LIHEAP is a grant that offers assistance in the form of a cash grant, sent directly to the utility company, or a crisis grant for households in immediate danger of being without heat.

Health/Mental Health

Affordable Care Act

Important Information about ACA
The Affordable Care Act assists former young adults in foster care with receiving medical assistance. Young adults who left care after their 21st birthday and who are under the age of 26 may be eligible to receive assistance for medical care. The following resources are available to help you learn more about the Affordable Care Act and how to access it.

Letter from the Department of Human Services
Former Foster Youth Questions and Answers
Former Foster Youth Points of Contact

Health Care if You Do Not Have Health Insurance

If you do not have health insurance and need to see a doctor, go to the health center in your county. Most of these centers provide free or low cost care for people who do not have health insurance. You can also call the Pennsylvania Health Department at 1-877-PA-HEALTH for information about other health resources.

To find a clinic in your area that provides family planning services and screening or treatment related to sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, check http://www.safeteens.org/find-a-health-center/.

To find a dental clinic in your area that may provide free or low-cost care go to click here or call the Pennsylvania Dental Association at 717-234-5941.


COMPASS stands for Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Access to Social Services. Apply online for Medical Assistance or Adult Basic Health Insurance.

Supports for Youth with Disabilities:
Pennsylvania Youth Leadershi
p Network (PYLN)

The PYLN is a team of youth leaders with disabilities from across Pennsylvania with a purpose to develop the self-determination, empowerment, and leadership of youth that promotes successful post school outcomes in the areas of education, employment, independent living, and health and wellness among youth and young adults throughout Pennsylvania.  Please visit the PYLN website at http://pyln.org/pyln for additional information. 

Transition Planning for Youth with Disabilities:
Resources from Juvenile Law Center

Juvenile Law Center has developed three tools to help youth with disabilities and child welfare professionals and advocates as they plan for the transition to adulthood from the child welfare system

Juvenile Law Center

Juvenile Law Center created this database as a resource for older youth and young adults in Pennsylvania who are aging out of the foster care system.

The county resource lists may not reflect the full array of resources available in a certain county. If you know of a resource for youth that you feel would be useful in this resource guide, or if you have any corrections to a current listing, please email us at resources@jlc.org.

Juvenile Law Center seeks to make information in the County Resource Guide as accurate and up-to-date as possible. To ensure that you get the most accurate information, we suggest that you contact the individual service agency to determine current services and eligibility requirements.


Public Benefits

Women, Infants and Children Offices

WIC provides some food and nutrition services to pregnant women, postpartum women, and children under age 5. You can apply for WIC at the offices listed below for your county. You can also call 1-800-WIC-WINS or 1-800-942-9467. Please add that more information can be found at: https://www.pawic.com/

County Assistance Offices

You can apply for the following public benefits at your local county assistance office:

  • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)
  • General Assistance (GA)
  • Food Stamps
  • Medical Assistance (MA)
  • Energy Assistance (LIHEAP)

COMPASS stands for Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Access to Social Services. Apply online for Medical Assistance or Adult Basic Health Insurance.

You can also file the application online at http://www.dhs.pa.gov/citizens/findfacilsandlocs/countyassistanceofficecontactinformation/#.Vm81d0orLos.


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